the big florida (thanksgiving) vacation post.

Every year we pack it up and head South for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite trip of the year–for so many reasons.

We spend ten days with my parents in the same house we’ve rented for a few years. The house is easy (loaded with toys, Pack ‘N Plays, booster seats, bicycles, floaties–really anything you could possibly need for a family-friendly vacation) and comfortable. It’s familiar to us–which is key with little kids.

There’s a heated pool and a hot tub at the house. And as renters, we have access to a resort-style clubhouse nearby with a zero-entry pool, spa and health club with the most amazing steam room. Plus the house is right down the street from a Fresh Market–so I’m in healthy-foodie heaven.

Everyone traveled like champs–PTI (praise the iPad). Everyone slept like champs–even Deano who never sleeps like a champ. And Danny and I only fought once (okay, maybe twice)–which is pretty amazing for us on vacation.

It was ten days in paradise with all my people and some of my favorite things. It was mind, body and soul-quenching. And my heart was–and is–so happy.

There were big cups of steaming-hot coffee at sunrise–I sipped, sitting on the first step of the pool while my kids splashed around me. There were long runs every day–and yoga under palm trees–*really* inhaling and exhaling an ocean breeze. There were naps in my bed every afternoon with tired babies who smelled like sunscreen, and saltwater and sand.

There was the first rush-your-kid-to-the-ER trip with Deano for X-rays. And after a pretty epic argument (the loud whisper and pointed comment kind–not good) in the hospital waiting room, there was the subsequent realization that I’m not so great under health-crisis-pressure, but Danny is.

There were nights Nanny and Grandpa Hat offered to put the boys to bed so Danny and I could sneak away for nice dinners with look-me-in-the-eye-conversations. We all need those nights once in awhile.

There was this beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving–and this selfie stick pic. Nailed it.


It was good. It was really good. And I came back refreshed and recharged and ready to rock the holiday season.

Here are a few photos. Until next year, Naples.






Johnny only tried swimming without his floaties once. Dad saved the day.


First trip to the ER for X-rays (He’s fine).








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