the santa visit. and christmas magic.

There was this Christmas. A holiday season–five years ago–I’d rather soon forget.

I remember locking myself in my bathroom that Christmas Eve. Crying. Sobbing. Cursing. And then praying. Begging for some Christmas magic.

There aren’t any pictures. There weren’t many smiles. That Christmas I was just doing my best to keep my head above water.

. . .

Johnny was born the next August. And I found out we were pregnant with Deano that October.

So the next holiday season I was high on life–and Christmas magic. I remember feeling like my heart was so full it might explode–and cover everything in its path with red plaid flannel sheets and green striped footie PJs and cozy fuzzy slippers and hot cocoa and Grandma’s spritz cookies and Frasier fir candles and crackling fireplaces and the most sparkly twinkle lights you’ve ever seen.

This was our Christmas card picture that year. The cards said JOY in the bottom, left corner. Joy–that was an understatement.


(Kenny Kim took this photo of us. He took our wedding photos too. Check him out, he’s amazing.)

I didn’t take Johnny to see Santa that year. I don’t remember why. I was probably scared to expose him to germs–looking back I was a ridiculously overprotective first-time-mom. Eh, we live and learn.

The next three years though–we rocked the Santa visit with another cute little baby and even cuter Christmas card pictures. Poor Santa, poor Deano.

. . .

This year feels different–better. My kids are older and they *get* Christmas. They love it–Santa, the Elf on a Shelf and all my favorite things.

I’ve come a long way since that sad Christmas Eve five years ago. I’m grateful for that–I’m grateful for all of it. Christmas magic is alive and well around here. And this is my favorite holiday season yet.

. . .

Here are some photos from our Santa visit last week. He’s at the The Virginia Theatre from 5pm-7pm the 16th too, so go if you haven’t already.









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