big hair. don’t care.

This post seems so silly. But I’m writing it anyway.

. . .

My big hair.

Apparently, it’s a thing.

Anytime I’m out and about–people ask me about it. Anytime I post a picture of myself on social media–people ask me about it. Anytime I write a blog and include a picture of myself–people ask me about it.

How do you do your hair?

I’m flattered–but I’m also a little embarrassed. I do love my big hair, but compliments are hard for me.

And a hair-how-to blog post–are you kidding me? How outside my comfort zone is that?!

I’ll tell you–very. It’s very outside my comfort zone.

But inquiring minds want to know. So here it is–the hair-how-to blog post–with awkward pictures. Don’t laugh.

. . .

First things first. I have an amazing hair stylist. Johnathon Burch at Kane and Company is my main man. He is Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran rolled into one. And he’s funny and sweet. He’s truly one of my favorite people.

His cut and coloring techniques keep my hair looking good for three or four months without any trims or color touch-ups. Amazing.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Here are all the products I use. I swear by all of these–especially this surf spray and this texturizer spray. If you want really big hair–you probably need both.


I take a prenatal vitamin with fish oil and these biotin gummies every day. Plus I eat pretty healthy. That combination makes my hair grow pretty quickly.

I wash and condition my hair with Pantene Sheer Volume. It’s the same stuff I’ve been using since college–I love it and it does what it says it will do.

I towel dry my hair and put a dime-sized dollop of Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Crème all over the ends. I use a half dollar-sized dollop of Pantene Volume Triple Action Mousse on my roots. I spray Bumble and bumble Surf Spray all over my hair–probably 20 sprays. Then I comb through my hair and blow it dry.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This is how my hair looks after I blow it dry. It’s thick and it’s straight.

I use the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver to beachwave my hair. I love love love this curling iron. I could never get my hair to hold any kind of wave until I started using this tool. It’s pricey, but it works. And the curls will last a few days.

I clip the top third of my hair on top of my head.

I always start curling on my left side. I use one inch pieces of hair. I clamp the curling iron about two inches from the end of my hair with the clamp facing towards the mirror. (For beachwaves, you want to curl away from your face so make sure the correct button (L for the left side of your hair or R for the right) is pressed and then press the GO button. The curling iron will wrap your hair around the barrel for you.) I usually let it curl all the way up as high as it will go.

I hold the iron in my hair for about fifteen seconds and release the clamp. I leave the curl intact.


I have enough hair to do two or three curls on each side. (Don’t worry about clamp marks, they’ll fall out.)


I release that top section of my hair and repeat the same technique on those pieces.

I let all the curls cool completely.


I tease my hair with a paddle brush at the roots.

And then I tease the hair around my face.

I spray everything with Pantene Volume Up hairspray–and let it dry. Then I spray everything with dry bar Triple Sec 3-in-1 texturizing spray and let it dry.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Then I comb through all the waves with my fingers and make a weird face because I feel so silly and awkward making a hair tutorial.

. . .

That’s it. So easy. So fast. Big hair. It really takes me all of five minutes. And it lasts a few days if you dry shampoo it every morning.

Give it a shot. And let me know how it goes. XOXO.

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