realer than real deal holyfield.

I may or may not be listening to that song right now. It’s Friday, lay off.

. . .

We ordered Chinese for dinner twice this week–and Pizza Hut once. But I also cooked a few healthy meals for my family too because I like to cook–and I really like to cook healthy meals for my family.

I have three laundry baskets and all three are exploding clean clothes all over our bedroom floor today. But the laundry is done–and the dishes are too–because I’m home all day on Fridays. And I feel accomplished when the hamper and the kitchen sink are empty.

There are board games everywhere–strewn across the floor of our basement–scattered in between 7000 Imaginext figures and 9000 Legos and puzzles and trains and play food (and probably some half-eaten real food too because I have little kids and that’s how they roll). But the rest of my house is spotless and organized because I want it to be–and I don’t mind cleaning and organizing.

I yelled at my kids before school today. And we haven’t built a snowman or been sledding yet at all this winter–oh the horror, I know. But I know I’m a good mom. I genuinely love spending all my free time with my kids–just not outside in the freezing cold. Ha. I know they feel my love from all angles.

I’ve been lazy this week and I’ve worn the same pair of yoga pants and an old college sweatshirt every day since Wednesday. But today I ran and barred because health and fitness are important to me. And tonight I’m going to make-up/big-hair/hot-pants-it-up because we’re going out and I like feeling pretty–and looking fashionable.

I’m nervous and anxious–about everything and nothing at all. And I always want everyone to like me. But I’m still open and honest–and authentic–and I put it all out there even if it scares me and no one likes it–or me. I’m proud of myself because writing–and living–this way takes gumption.

I think it makes us feel better to know we’re all kind of a mess. But I think it’s important to remember we’re all kind of amazing too. And to celebrate both.

There’s beauty in the breakdown. And beauty–in the beauty. It’s important to appreciate that juxtaposition.

Here are a few pictures Johnny took with my iPhone last week–proof that my bed’s not ever made, the laundry (and apparently every board game we own) really did explode and the real me is almost always no-make-up/no-big-hair/no filter/barre-sweaty.




But these pictures are also my favorite pictures anyone has ever taken of me–of us.

Because they’re real–the real deal. They’re proof of just how hard I love them. And proof for years to come that even when it was messy–it was awesome.

I’m a mess. But I’m awesome too. I’m not apologizing for either–and neither should you. There’s beauty in all of our real-deals. It’s time to celebrate it.

Happy Weekend, XOXO.

8 thoughts on “realer than real deal holyfield.

  1. Lena Minneci says:

    The pragraph that begins “I’m nervous and anxious- …” was one that struck out to me the most and is something I can completely relate to. Your words are so well written Angie and you are an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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