10-minute pizza soup.

We really like pizza, in case you couldn’t tell.

Last week, it was cold and we ate a lot of crap. Eh, it happens. But I did manage to whip up a few healthy meals too. This pizza soup was one of them. It’s healthy and tasty and really only takes ten minutes to make. Boom.

It’s the perfect weeknight meal for a busy mom or dad–and your kids will actually eat it.

You can buy pizza seasoning at any grocery store. Or you can make your own with spices you probably already have in your pantry. I adapted my recipe from Mel Joulwan’s recipe. I use her recipes for most of my soups, stews and chili. Her blog is amazing–as are her cookbooks. Check her out.

Mel Joulwan’s 10 Minute Pizza Soup

  • 1 teaspoon cooking fat (I use coconut oil)
  • 4 Italian sausage links (I actually just use a pound of ground Italian sausage)
  • 1 (14.5 ounce) can of chopped tomatoes (I use Hunt’s Fire Roasted)
  • 1 tablespoon pizza seasoning
  • half bag frozen chopped broccoli (I always just use the whole bag)
  • 3 cups broth (I use half chicken, half beef)

Heat the coconut oil over medium heat and brown your sausage.


Add the canned tomatoes and the pizza seasoning.


Stir everything to combine. Pour in the broth, then add the broccoli (It really doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or defrosted).


Bring everything to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes.


Get a big spoon and dig in. Yum.


You could add all kinds of other veggies too. Mushrooms, peppers, onions, black olives–whatever toppings you like on your pizza would also be great in this soup.  Danny covers his in mozzarella cheese too–whatever floats your boat. Enjoy!

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