10,000 views…wait, what?! and the big, bad house decluttering series.

My blog hit 10,000 views this week. Wait, what?

Ya, it did. In six weeks, 10,000 people have peeked at this little virtual scrapbook of ours. And that blows my mind.

I watched it happen from my phone Thursday morning as I hid in the corner of the CGA lobby.

When the little ticker hit 10,002 I texted Danny. And then my mom and my aunts–and then my buddies. Because I was excited. But then I felt uneasy–embarrassed almost. Because that’s just how I roll. And because I just don’t get it.

I love writing. And I love this creative outlet. But I have no idea why people are reading my blog–or why they keep coming back. My buddy Seth nailed it the other night when he said he was “inexplicably unsure of what was driving traffic to my site”. Haaaaa, oh my. Take that, excitement! Right in the feels. He kills me. But yes–word, Seth. Word.

We joked that it was probably the husband bashing–or maybe that people like to know I’m actually a real mess. Or maybe the big hair–they just love the big hair. Who knows.

I don’t know why you come here to visit. It’s none of my business, actually. I like to think it’s because you like my writing–and me. And I like to think some of you can relate to me–to our life.

Whatever the reason I’m glad you’re here–and I hope you keep coming back. You’re allowing someone who was feeling a little irrelevant–to feel relevant again. And I appreciate you for that. I’m going to tuck away the uneasiness and embarrassment today–and own my excitement. I think it’s ok to do that–at least for a few hours. Ha.

. . .

Next month I’m planning to write a four-part series all about decluttering and deep-cleaning the house–two of my favorite things to do. Feeling the urge to do either with me? Come on back this Monday and follow along.

Go ahead and get a jumpstart this weekend by taking down all your Christmas decorations. I know I’m not the only one still celebrating all things Christmas magic.


And yes, we Saran-wrap our tree with the decorations still on it–and store it this way in our unfinished basement. It’s really one of the best ideas ever. Try it. You’ll thank me next December.

Happy Weekend.

4 thoughts on “10,000 views…wait, what?! and the big, bad house decluttering series.

  1. Carol Balsamello Kemna says:

    I never Thought to seran-wrap a tree I used to put it away in the music room at the Logan House in Danville, Il
    Decorations & all…
    Until 1 year when I tried by myself to drag it into the dining room & it quickly , ” Bent Over in Half 🙈 ! ”
    That year we got a real tree

    Liked by 1 person

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