my valentine. a quick lovey-dovey post.

I’ve been sick for a week. We all have.

My kids brought it home from preschool two weeks ago–a nasty chest cold with a fever and chills that turns into a nasty regular old cold after about a week. Danny got it a few days later. And I got it last weekend–we’re in bad shape around here.

I *just* started feeling better this morning, but I’m still not 100%. So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. Because all I really want to do right now is slather myself in Vicks–and NyQuil it up. Hot Valentine’s night, I know.

I love you, Danny.

Here’s what I wrote about you way back in 2010.

And here’s what a wrote about you way back in 2011.

And here’s what I wrote about you this year–on your birthday and on our anniversary.

I’ve written it all before. So I don’t think I need to write it all again–at least not tonight. In sickness and health, buddy. I’m lucky you’re my Valentine. And I’m lucky to be yours.



P.S. My hair looks like Garth’s tonight, even without the wig. And I’m actually wearing that old Van Halen t-shirt, even though Johnny’s nose bled all over it today. Party on, Valentines.

Danny’s a lucky man. Ha.

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