the first snow day.

I just tucked two sleepy boys into their warm, cozy beds.

And I have a husband–and two DVRd shows (Better Call Saul and The People vs OJ Simpson, don’t judge) all queued up–waiting for me downstairs. But I want to post this blog entry right now, because I want to remember it forever.

. . .

Today was our first official snow day. The boys only go to preschool every other day–and this year’s one and only snow day happened to fall on a school day for them. So I called into work–and we really did it up right.

I cranked the Christmas Spirit and decided to leave the flannel sheets on the bed for another week.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My house smelled like Christmas Magic.

I had three cups of coffee this morning. Three. Boom.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

That’s butter and coconut oil floating on top–in case you were wondering. It’s the only way to go with your cup–or three–of joe.

We hunkered down and watched the blizzard roll in over our pond. We watched and listened to the wind blow and blow–until all our windows were completely snow-covered.



Someday I’ll miss having a backyard full of plastic crap. Someday.

We jumped on the bed–for an hour straight.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Look at them. It was like I’d told them they’d won something. So happy–they both peed their pants a little. That’s when you know you’re having the time of your life. I do that too sometimes–when life gets really good.

We made snow ice cream.



And if you’re going to tell me you aren’t supposed to eat snow because of air pollution or whatever–just don’t. We had 1/2 cup. It rocked. We’re still alive. End of story.

Daddy made it home a little early and we all cuddled up in our bed. And napped.


Sweet, sweet snow day naps. I love you.

Sweet, sweet snow days. I really love you.

. . .

It was a really, really good day–this first snow day of ours. Only a few melt-downs (no pics of those, sorry) in between Legos and Imaginext and four games of Monopoly.

There was way more good than bad happening around here today–for this mom and her Marker boys. And I soaked it all in.

I’m leaving it all here–so I can come back and visit whenever I need to. Or they need to.

I hope there was way more good than bad happening around you today too. And I hope you all enjoyed the snow day of 2016. Until next year, blizzards. XOXO.


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