A Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Registration Coupon Code for YOU! Let’s do it, CU!

Thinking about participating in one of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon events this year? Do it. Better yet–let’s do it together.

It’s one of my favorite things to do in CU–we make a weekend of it. We get an iHotel room that Friday night and we cheer on all our buddies running the 5K. We get up bright and early Saturday morning and run our race. And then we spend the rest of the day tailgating and cheering on the runners finishing their half and full marathon races. Join us this year. I’ll save you a seat at our tailgate. Boom.

All of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon race courses are great–fast and flat. You’ll get a beautiful, scenic tour of  Chambana–a lively campus, a revitalized downtown, tree-lined residential neighborhoods and awesome paved park trails. And the best part–there are thousands of volunteers and fans stationed along the course to cheer you along. When I ran the half marathon I was cheered and high-fived the entire 13.1 miles–it was amazing. I’d never been more proud of this community.

If you’ve never participated, this is your year. I promise there’s really no better feeling than running into Memorial Stadium at the end of your race–listening to the roar of that huge crowd.

Then you get a medal. And medals are awesome.

The euphoria you feel crossing that finish line and grabbing your medal rivals the euphoria I felt when I finally birthed Dean after 12 hours of labor (and two hours of pushing). It’s really that good.

This year’s race weekend takes place April 28-30th. So we have 8 weeks to train–plenty of time. Check out these free training plans from Hal Higdon–there’s a plan for every Illinois Marathon race and every level of runner. So pick your poison.

AND–here’s the best part. A $5 off coupon code for your registration–use it before the price increase March 1st. SO TODAY, PEOPLE.

Registering with this coupon code is easy:

  1. Visit Illinois Marathon to start the registration process.
  2. Click the Click Here to REGISTER button.
  3. Select the race you want to register for. (The coupon code works for all races except the youth run, sorry.)
  4. Toward the end of the registration process, enter hatandhermarkers2016 in the “Discount Code” box and hit apply. $5 will be deducted from the race entry.
  5. If you are registering more than ONE person during the same registration session, you’ll want to get everyone’s information entered before you enter hatandhermarkers2016 in the Discount Code box. If you enter the code after inputting everyone’s name, the system will discount each entry $5.

Sign up. Sign the whole family up. There’s good stuff going on all weekend for every age group. So make it a family affair. Because you know what they say. The family that runs together–runs together. Ha.

And I want to hear from you. Let me know which race you’re registering for in the comments below. I’m doing the 10k this year. We can be training buddies.

Here are some pictures of all of us running in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon races over the years–and tailgating afterward.


2011. Plus a photo bomb of Sarah Wilson (her hubby Mitch is our only friend who’s braved the Full Maratahon. He killed it.)


Grandpa Hat and Johnny. A News-Gazette photo. 2012.





Deano. With Nanny and Grandpa Hat. 2013.


My buddy Mark Palmer. He tweeted while running the Half Marathon. 2014.


My girlfriend Betsy. I’ve been chasing her since our St Matthew Track and Field days in 1992. She finished a full hour before me in the Half Marathon. Ha. 2014.





We’re all smiles. And you will be too. I’ll be there cheering you along the way, I promise. See you at the finish line in April. XOXO.

7 thoughts on “A Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Registration Coupon Code for YOU! Let’s do it, CU!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the code…helped cover the imATHLETE sign up fees! We (my aunt, cousin, maybe another cousin, and I) are doing the Mini Challenge. This will be my first “race” in a year and I”m excited to be signed up. thankfully I have 8 weeks to prepare!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Jackay Rose says:

        Good Morn-TING!!
        My name is Jackay Rose I live in Danville Ill. This will be my first run and I am so excited. I am debating on which run to choose since I have only been running for 8 months. I have until April if I am FAITHFUL. I BELIEVE I may be able to do 10k… whatever I choose it will be a REWARDING EXPERIENCE!! I AM 49yrs old and have always ADMIRED RUNNERS.. it will be so AWESOME TO ADMIRE MYSELF!! IT WILL BE SUCH A GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!!


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