stream of consciousness. and stream of photos.

Oh hey, Saturday. I’ve been waiting for you.

We’ve had a pretty solid week over here. One of those weeks where the days go fast–and slow. And you’re busy–and not busy. I love those kinds of weeks. I’ve been soaking it all in. Because you know me–I love a good yin with my yang.

I have plans for some deeper blog posts very soon. But today I’m feeling like nice and easy is the way to go. And some light, bright photos too. Because spring.

Enjoy. And happy (spring forward) weekend. XOXO.

. . .

Kona Ice stopped by our house this week. So basically this means summer is here. Yesssss.

I got so excited when I saw the truck roll up–I ran out into the street. With no bra. Still in my pajamas. At 4pm.


What can I say? I love that Tiger Blood. It’s the best shaved ice flavor of all the shaved ice flavors. And I also love my old buddy, Wes Hanner who owns Kona Ice Champaign. Because he was a perfect gentleman and pretended not to notice my sweet chariots, swinging low. Mad props to you and your Tiger Blood, Wes.

. . .

This. This right here. This is my new jam.


It’s a London Fog–a sweetened earl grey tea latte with some vanilla. Yum. My girlfriend Brook told me all about these  last weekend and now I can’t get enough. I’ve been making two (sometimes three, don’t judge) a day. Try one. You’re welcome.

. . .

We’re into all things dinosaur right now. We found a cool dinosaur bone excavating kit and an even cooler dinosaur egg that hatches in water at Art Mart this week–both priced under $5.


“Billy” the dinosaur finally hatched after the longest 68 hours of Deano’s life.


And he’s been carrying him around the house like that since. He even made him a little bed out of washcloths–right next to his bed. Um, yikes. We should probably get a dog.

. . .

Gymnastics class is over for the season. We had a great session. It was *technically* our first organized sport–and we survived. Ha.


They had a blast. And I had a blast watching them do their thing. Until next winter, CGA.

. . .

And House of Cards. All night, every night this week. There’s a little bit of Francis all of us. No? Just me? Alrighty then.


The Underwoods. How I’ve missed you both–especially your wardrobe, Claire. And Neve Campbell? Get out of here with that. This may be my favorite season yet.

. . .

Oh, and one more thing. Tune into WCIA’s Current this Thursday morning at 9am. I’m going to be on live with Cynthia Bruno talking all things–and maybe trying to fold a fitted sheet. It should be good, so good. Boom.

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