wcia 3 current

I’m headed out the door to chat with Cynthia Bruno LIVE on WCIA 3 Current this morning between 9am-10am. I’ve had a lot of coffee–I’m pretty fired up. And I even wore green.


So tune in, ok?

No worries if you miss it–I’ll post the video here as soon as I can.

Here’s the link.  Oy. I was so nervous. But I survived. Ha.

. . .

Are you stopping by the blog for the first time today? Well then–hey there and welcome, first-timer. Start here. Or here. And keep stopping by, ok?

Here’s a link to the big, bad house decluttering series we discussed this morning on WCIA 3 Current. And here’s proof that I finally figured out how to fold a fitted sheet–thanks to my Aunt Cathy. Boom.


And here are a few of my favorite posts.

Enjoy. And Happy St Patrick’s Day. I’ll be back tomorrow with a easy salmon patty recipe for your Friday. See you then. XOXO.


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