stream of consciousness. and stream of photos.

Oh hey, Sunday. You want to be sunny and 80 degrees? Ok, then–go on with your bad self.

Seriously, how great is the weather this weekend? I just love it. We’ve been outside all day everyday–all weekend long. Very dirty little feet and very heavy eyelids by 7pm over here. Spring–I just can’t get enough of you

Is this sunshine making anyone else want to slip on their garden clogs and start digging in the dirt? Ya, buddy–you know I love a good backyard garden and a flower crown made out of cilantro more than anything–more on that in the next few weeks.

For now we’re just digging all kinds of other stuff. Like some serious park play.


Last year they couldn’t climb half the play structures by themselves at our park. This year they’re doing it with their eyes closed. Slow. Down. Time.

Here’s a few more park-play pics from last week–courtesy of Nanny Pat.


. . .

The other night I came home from class to two little boys who couldn’t stop talking about how their babysitter “turned on her Facetime and turned them into dogs”. Wait, what?!

So I texted her to ask how to do it from my phone–yes, I’m old. She laughed (I think with me, not at me. Ha!)–and told me all about Snapchat–again, I’m so old.


How cute is that little puppy though? And Johnny with a ‘stache? Yessss, sir.

(Photo credits, Dr. Kate.)

. . .

The kids’ birthday party circuit. We work it. We live it. We love it.


Cupcakes and candy and juice boxes–what’s not to love?


Oh, and a real lizard at our buddy’s birthday party this weekend. Ya, so now we want a lizard. Special thanks to that buddy’s mom–she’s lucky she’s one of my favorites–ha.

. . .

Shorts. I’ve heard boys go through a phase where they only want to wear athletic shorts.


We’re there now–plus all Cardinals stuff all the time for Johnny. And Batman for Dean, of course. My kids may never wear pants again though. They say they “run faster” in shorts. Alrighty, then.

. . .

Last but not least–this.


Our buddy isn’t feeling so well–and we’re all banding together for him. Want to support him too? Stop by Art Mart for a wristband or one of these cool prints made by local artist (and my old friend), Kelly Hieronymus.


All proceeds from the sale of both benefit the Davis McKay Leukemia Foundation. More info, here. Get well soon, Davis. We love you, your bro and your mom and dad very much.

. . .

Let’s wrap it up–so I can get back outside. Enjoy this sunshiny Sunday, Chambana. XOXO.

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