a little illinois marathon recap. and a little life recap.

Oh hey, Monday morning. Anyone else having their coffee from the big coffee cup today? You know the one. We all have it. Mine is big, chipped and stained–and takes the excessive microwave reheats like a champ. Praise it–that big coffee cup.

I’m not limping around too badly this morning. How are you all feeling? The Illinois Marathon weekend was a wet one, but a fun wet one! Right?! I seriously want to give a virtual high-five (and butt-slap) to every volunteer and all the emergency personnel out there on the course Friday night and Saturday. You all made it work for all us runners. You kept us going–so big thanks for that.

My Aunt Patty came from Kansas City to run the 10k with my parents, Danny and me. And we had a blast. I actually ran my best time–in the cold rain wearing a big poncho–go figure.

Here are some pics from the race weekend. Enjoy.


^^^ just a little carbo-loading the night before the race. ^^^


^^^ or a lot. a lot of carbo-loading the night before the race. ^^^



^^^ me, pam, nanny carol and aunt pattoo ^^^


^^^ looks like fun, right?! so proud of aunt pattoo! she killed it. ^^^


^^^ took about two dozen pics like this. under my poncho while running and probably fiddle-farting with my playlist. boom, nailed it.^^^


^^^ the worst pic ever. of the best sign ever (about prosecco tasting better after a 10k in the rain! yessss, ma’am). my girlfriend whitney nailed it. i love her so hard for cheering us on in the rain. ^^^


^^^ post race. nailed it. ^^^


^^^ and pancakes after. always pancakes after. ^^^



^^^ and how sweet are these little sweet babies?! nanny pat and grandpa john kept them dry at home. ^^^

. . .

And I’ve slowed down the posts over here a bit–from three each week down to two. Between my mom job, my day job, my night job, my blog job and a crazy awesome (and crazy time-consuming) class I’m taking right now–I had to rein it in. So hang in here with me. I’ll ramp it up again this summer.

I’ll see you back here later this week with a tasty, healthy, easy dinner recipe. Happy Monday. XOXO.

One thought on “a little illinois marathon recap. and a little life recap.

  1. These pics are everything. My favorites: Deano with his sign, Johnny with his sign, the family “carbo” loading session, and your sweet friend in her Escala – de…with her sign. So fun. Way to go, Mama. And – I also just can’t wait for summer. Because I love reading what you write. 😘

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