A Father’s Day Gift Idea. With J Hilburn.

Father’s Day is two weeks from today. Need a gift idea? We have you covered.

Our pops has always been a sharp dresser. But last year he came home with some new shirts that took his sharp dressing game to a whole new level.


He’d met with J Hilburn personal wardrobe stylist extraordinaire Sara Seed a few weeks prior–and she hooked him up. Look how handsome he looks in his J Hilburn shirt!


Sara Seed just happens to be one of my favorite high school teachers–if you’re a townie I’m sure she was one of your favorites too. And now she’s a personal wardrobe stylist with J Hilburn. She meets her clients at their convenience (at no charge and with no obligation) to set up a unique measurement profile and help create clothing that is fit and styled exclusively for them.


J Hilburn delivers quality custom clothing and personal styling services at a price that won’t break the bank. They offer exclusive Italian shirting and trouser fabrics, luxury performance knits and a top-shelf accessories line that marries the best in handmade designs and European quality. Each of their garments is crafted from fabrics that have been carefully selected from some of the finest mills in the world (more often than not, the mill is Italian).


Their custom shirts are my favorite–they are beautiful and unique–and a perfect Father’s Day gift for our pops and yours. This shirt of Danny’s was cut on the bias with a split yoke on the back–so sharp, right? You can even have the shirts embroidered with anything you’d like–dad’s initials, kids’ initials or even I Love Dad.


And would you look at all their fabric choices?! Something for everyone. Boom.


I invited Sara over last weekend to show you how quick and easy it is to set up a unique measurement profile. Even with my two little “helpers” running around she was in and out of our house in less than 30 minutes. Check it.



Why, yes–of course they are tying each other up with Sara’s measuring tapes.


Along with her measuring tapes (she measures 16 different points)–Sara brings her big book of choices–all the fun stuff to customize your look.


One more thing–Sara and J Hilburn can make a dress shirt (or any other garment or accessory for that matter) for dad AND mom–or anyone who loves beautiful, unique clothing that fits perfectly. Because–guy or gal–who doesn’t love a crisp dress shirt? So fly.

Here’s Sara’s website www.saraseed.jhilburn.com. Check her out. You can give her a call today–217-898-5495. Or shoot her an e-mail at sara.seed@jhilburnpartner.com. Tell her I sent you. And if you think her job sounds like fun–it does, right?–let her know that too. She’s always looking for new stylists to join her J Hilburn styling team.

Thanks for coming to play, Sara. Danny loves his new special shirts. And Happy (early) Father’s Day to all the papas (and the mamas who serve as both the mamas and papas) out there. XOXO.

2 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Gift Idea. With J Hilburn.

  1. Jill Harlan says:

    I’m so gonna do this for Paul! Really cool! Thanks for sharing! What does a button up shirt cost? Ball park? Does she have short sleeve polo type shirts?

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